Scenic Route - Fight Scene Storyboards

Scenic Route: Fight 2013 Movie Scene

Scenic Route - Exclusive Trailer

Scenic Route is a hidden gem of a movie starring Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler and was a lot of fun on which to work. It was directed by the talented Goetz brothers, whom I originally met playing hockey. Several years later we would reunite to work on several of their commercial projects. This was their first feature film and I think they did a great job and would highly recommend you seek out the movie and give it a watch.

You'll notice these boards are much looser than the majority of the other boards I've posted here. For those not familiar with the process of storyboarding, there are several "types" of storyboards, and of those few, these would be categorized as "shooting boards." The others being pitch boards (usually more detailed and often colored) and advertising boards (again, often a bit more detailed and possibly colored).