Wow! You were brave to click on "Life Story." You must have a lot of time on your hands. Okay, since you asked for it...

I was born in the flatlands of Florida but raised in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania. It is here I would spend all of my free time roaming the great outdoors, returning home only after hearing the far away sound of my mother's voice calling me for dinner.

I was fortunate to be born into an artistic family, and was afforded every opportunity to express myself with pen and paper in my developing years. Upon reaching high school, I gained a new love for the moving image as several of my teachers allowed me to produce video projects in lieu of written reports.

After High School I went on to attend the prestigious USC Film School and began working in the entertainment industry shortly upon graduation. Since that time I've lent my talents to numerous feature films, video games, comic books, magazines, television movies and commercials.

In 1999 I founded the production company Cinemachine Inc. to produce a feature documentary on legendary artist Frank Frazetta, which I directed and executive produced. The film, entitled Frazetta: Painting With Fire, enjoyed a successful three year run on the Independent Film Channel, won awards at several film festivals for best documentary and also received very favorable press reviews. You can watch it now via iTunes or buy it at Amazon.

I now live with my lovely wife and two cats in beautiful Agoura Hills, Ca, and when I'm not outside hitting the mountain bike trails or playing hockey with my buds, you can most likely catch me in front of my Cintiq (or eating peanut butter right from the jar). Now if I could just somehow find a way to make a living riding my bike...
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